About Us

We are a Family run Business From Liverpool United Kingdom.This business was founded in 2020 

I started this business because I wanted to have some spare time to spend with my kids, I would normally work 6 days a week and I never have anytime to do anything. I decided to start this brand not just for my own benefits but also to benefit others. 

My Biggest goal is to make Luxury affordable, that is why our prices are slightly cheaper, I understand that not everyone can afford quality and luxurious items.
The reason behind some of our Collection such as the  ( Blake’s Collection) is that we wanted a pieces of nightwear that a busy mum can still have on to do her morning school run or to run to the shop for milk. 
I call the collection (Multiple use pyjamas/Loungewear) they are very practical. 

Second Goal is to grow the brand to an extent that it  provides employments in my local community.

Just in case you are wandering about the name of the brand and website, My son’s name is called Blake and my Daughter is called Ella that’s why we have BlakesandElla 

Future plans 

We are always looking for ways  to expand our business and brand, if you are an investor or another company that would love to collaborate with us please do not hesitate to contact us.